Topic of the Week -1- Social Networking

It is crazy to think that there are subliminal messages being thrown at us all the time.  “Buy this, buy that!” They are sneaky about it though.  They do not just shove it in your face so that it is obvious, no they do not want you to realize you are being fed an advertisement.  These advertisers know exactly what they are doing, and they are good at it.

I am surprised at how social networking has taken off in the manor that it has.  Just a couple years ago, staying to connected to all your friends and family from your phone was almost unheard of.  The convergence of all this technology is astounding and seems to have a bright future ahead.  You are now able to update multiple social networking sites just from your phone.  My question would be where do we go next?  What more is in store for technology and the upcoming generations.

I just recently started using twitter and I have fallen in love with it.  I am able to communicate with people a lot easier than just trying to text them.  It is weird how we are all connected at one time.  Twitter now tells people where you are.  It gives the location of where you tweeted from.  There are some positives and negatives to this though.  It makes it a lot easier to stalk people.   At the same time, if we are looking for someone we are able to locate them through twitter.  Just recently someone was saved from a kidnapping because they were able to tweet and the cops located the victim.

Social networking does and is going to play a huge role in businesses.  It is exciting to know the possibilities.  I plan on being apart of all of it!


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