Topic of the Week -2– Grammar Girl

Swearing.  What is considered a swear word?  What is legal to say on national broadcast? Who knows anymore.  Swearing has become a very grey area in the western culture, and eastern culture for that matter. Grammar Girl provided a stellar article on this very topic and I think it fits in perfect.  Here is a quick link to her site click here.  Grammar Girl is unique because she views things from a different standpoint.  You will have to go check her out to see what I am saying.

Reading this blog I learned that there is a big issue with swearing right now.  No red flags are being raised when these words are being thrown around.  It does not help that the FCC’s attempt to ban swearing from national television failed because the US Supreme Court shut it down.  What is the world coming to when swearing is being said on national television? In front of our kids?  It is truly a scary thought to see the direction society is going in these days.  What is next?

Grammar Girl takes a whole another approach on swearing though.  She looks at the words from a grammatical standpoint.  Interesting, huh?  Who would have ever thought to view swearing like that.  Leave it to Grammar Girl.  She says something really interesting though that really surprised me.  “Swearing gets its power from society’s taboo”  Interesting thought, we are the ones who make these swear words so stinking powerful.  So what would happen if we just let these words become nothing?  So that they hold no meaning?  When you find the answer please let me know.  I also found it interesting that in different cultures, different words are considered swear words.  For example, in England, “bloody” is considered a terrible word.  Over here the United States, it’s just another word.


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