PR connection #1

Chase Jarvis is an amazing photographer.  I would go as far as to say he is the most successful photographer that is out there right now.  I don’t want credit this all to his photography though.  Now don’t get me wrong, he is an amazing photographer but there is a whole other element to his work.

Chase has been in the business for about 15 years now so he has learned a thing or two about business.  You have to develop some sort of business ethics and what not to succeed like he does.  I think most importantly he has great public relations.  Chase’s public relations department is killer and gives him a great image.  People begin to fall in love with celebrities when they give back to their audiences.  That is exactly what Chase is all about, giving back to the people he looks up to.

Chase has over five hundred blogs.  These blogs range from “how to do” all the way to “cool stuff I’ve shot”.  This idea is brilliant.  He is building a fan base because he is sharing his knowledge with everyone, and this knowledge is extremely valuable, and people realize that. Chase is growing ever so popular all due to public relations.

I have learned a couple really valuable things from Chase.  I actually sent him an email asking him for some tips, and the cool part is, he responded.  That is such a great technique that not everyone thinks of.  If you ever step into a position where people look up to you, you need to respond to their questions.  Showing them that you care means the world to them and will only help you

Chase Jarvis has mastered public relations as a photographer.  Check him out for some ideas and inspiration.

4 Responses to “PR connection #1”
  1. ebluemling says:

    That is really cool that he can have that many blogs and is so open to the public. Timing is everything. If he can respond to someone’s question quick enough it shows that he cares and makes that person feel valued. In any business, you need people that help with the image of the company. In Chase’s case, he sees that being transparent is the best route and so far it has proven to be true.

  2. sammooty says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Dave; it’s all about whom you know. I have a friend that is one of the best photographers I know but he hasn’t got his name out yet. He shoots tons of celebrities, politicians, and many up and coming artists. While he is doing great he only uses it as a side business, he has potential to be a full time photographer. But business is all about the way you can network yourself. Once you have connected with one customer and they get word out about your company, you must be easy to access via Internet or phone number. I will also start looking into this photographer Chase Jarvis.

  3. Chad says:

    Oh boy have I heard plenty about this guy Chase… haha. Well Dave, I agree with you that Chase’s tactics of connecting with people via multiple blogs and whatnot is an excellent way to build a fan base. He has many videos on Youtube as well that allow his to broadcast his unique personal brand to his fans.

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