Topic of the Week -5- Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism.  Whether you do it on purpose or not, it is wrong.  With the help of a couple websites and books I have been able to view things a lot more clearly.  There seems to be a lot of grey areas when it comes to plagiarism, and these little bits of information makes things a lot more clear.

When I used to just think of the word “plagiarism” I would immediately get stressed out and would avoid using any kind of quotations so that I didn’t have to worry about plagiarism.  In reality, plagiarism in nothing to be scared of, its just something that you need to learn about then you are totally fine, I promise.  Just stick with me through this short post and I promise things will be made more clear.

First thing to know about plagiarism; you have to know how to avoid it.  There is no way getting around having to site things in your writing.  You must have full and complete knowledge so that you do not run into any problems.  The biggest tip I ever received was making sure all your ideas were original.

Another great tip that really helps me is making sure that you use quotations whenever directly quoting someone.  Even if it is not a complete quote of someone, for example “…this is just an example I am quoting.”  At the end of each quote you need to cite your work.  You need to put the last name of the author and sometimes a page number is required.

Just as a safety net I like to keep all my work and notes when writing a paper or article.  This is just a precaution in case something bad were to happen I have proof that I was one the researched and found all the information that I had.

One Response to “Topic of the Week -5- Avoiding Plagiarism”
  1. jessicapr says:

    Great post David. I know how it feels to get stressed about plagiarizing. I find my self siting anything that I summarize or think sounds remotely like what i am reading from my text or journal article. I’m sure my professors must laugh at me but I rather be save than sorry.

    I really like your suggestion about keeping all of your work and notes so that you have proof of your research and can easily be used as evidence if anything were to come up as a bit off or on the edge of plagiarizing. I, too, do the same, however I think it is because I am a bit of a pack rat when it comes to school work and I always think that I might need it one day; but I that is a matter on a completely different subject.

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