Topic of the Week -6- What’s Newsworthy?

What does make a story news worthy?  This was a great question that I had no idea how answer.  After sitting, contemplating, and discussing with others, I  was able to come up with some criteria, if you will, that a story needs in order to be newsworthy.

I found a website that really gave me some great insight on what it takes for a story to be newsworthy.  Media College list the 5 most important things that makes a story newsworthy.

1.Timing – timing is everything.  You don’t want to put out news that is old and irrelevant.  If the news happened a couple days prior then it will not make for a good story.

2.Significance – How does it effect me?  How many people are effected.  This doesn’t necessarily mean good or bad but just how much it will end up effecting everyone.

3.Proximity – Where is it at? Where is it going to happen?  Unless it is is big national news, people won’t care if a deli burnt down 3 states over.  People want to hear about things that are going on around there community.

4.Prominence – Plain and simple no one cares about whats happening to the average joe, they want to hear about celebrities or high profile people.

5.Human Interest – This is an exception to all the other rules, human interest appeals to emotion rather than relevancy.

I learned a ton researching this topic, what makes something newsworthy.  It seems like its one of those questions that you assume that you know but when really asked, it difficult to answer.  One of the biggest things that stuck out to me is significance.  That would seem to trump all of the others, because even if the story is up to date and about a celebrity, if it doesn’t directly effect them then it is harder for them to relate.


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