Topic of the Week -7- One Week of Twitter

Twitter could potentially be one of the greatest social media available right now.  The idea behind it is simply brilliant, a one way, mass text message.  It gives people a chance to follow some of their favorite celebrities, friends to keep up with friends, parents to keep track of parents, or businesses to keep in contact easier.

Going into “one week of twitter” was not that intimidating because I have been using twitter for a while.  However, it was a bit scary having to do it for academic reasons.  Its like taking your old myspace or aim screen name and having to use it for class, strange.  I already knew how to use hash tags, how they worked, and how they didn’t work.  It seems like people miss use hash tags so often and it is quickly becoming a pet peeve of mine.  I will forgive them, they do not know any better.  I also was quite familiar with mentioning people, I am always looking for tweets that I like so I can mention the person with something witty.

I thought I knew mostly everything about twitter.  I was then shown the business side of twitter and how you can use it for journalistic reasons and for connecting with people with whom you have very little relation but you like something they said.  I have heard stories of how twitter was used as a tool to meet celebrities.  Some girl tweeted to Taylor Swift asking if she could give her a hug and Taylor saw the tweet and granted the young girl a hug.

I would like to see twitter be able to upload audio and video rather just pictures.  I love how the pictures all stay in one “bucket” though.  If someone looks at one of your pictures they can view are your previous uploads and go through all of them, such a cool concept.  It has me always looking out for funny or unique things to take pictures of.


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