10 Tips to Writing a Feature Story

1. Think of a feature release as a timeless story that could have been written by a journalist.

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2. Explore creative ways and angles to present your message.

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3. Use a captivating headline and attention-grabbing first paragraph.

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4. Organize your research materials and your thoughts.

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5. Research your topic and learn as much background information as you can.

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6. Sum up detailed benefits in the second paragraph.

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7.Authenticate and enhance your message in the third paragraph.

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8. Elaborate on details in the fourth paragraph

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9. Write your release so it can easily be cut in length without losing its essence.

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10.Write your feature release as a ready-to-print story – no boilerplate needed

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3 Responses to “10 Tips to Writing a Feature Story”
  1. ebluemling says:

    It is definitely important to gather all the information. Not just gather information, but accurately gather the information. With gathering information, I think it was good how you mentioned to gather all background information and then organize all the material. If you start writing, but do not know where you are trying to get, then your point does not come across as strong. Plus, it is always good to outline your paper before writing. It will flow a lot better if you can see it from beginning to end. Lastly, the tip you made about having an attention grabbing headline is important. You can have a great article, but if your headline stinks, then people will not ever get to the story.

  2. mikefromva says:

    This was a great informal post, I enjoy when blogs are short and straight to the point. This is why I really enjoy reading “Top # list” posts and articles, because you know it’s not going to be filled with filler. I feel like it’s very important for people to research and find posts with tips on writing feature stories, because I feel people take them lightly at times, and don’t include enough interest for the readers. No one wants to read a boring story, so it takes some evaluation, and good writing tips, and people should follow them, that is if they want to become a great writer, and avoid mediocrity.

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