Chapter 2 notes – Learn To Be A Smooth Writer

For those of you that don’t have an over abundance of free time in your life, I have taken the liberty to four tips from each chapter from Dennis  Wilcox’s book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

Chapter 2

1. Why marketing materials tend to fail. First of all, they are redundant.  If they ad says the same thing over and over then the viewer will grow common to it, therefor becoming ineffective.  Also, you must learn to switch up the way the ad is run.  For example, I think that Geico has overdone it with the little gecko they have been using, I feel it has fallen victim to redundancy.

2.When trying to persuade someone to do something or buy something they must have a call to action.  That is, they have to have something they can do now that they have seen what you are presenting.  For example, if you are trying to get someone to buy magicJack, you must present them with a way to sign up and tell them, “sign up now.”  With no call to action there is nothing giving them the small push they may need to do what you want

3. “Communicate with people, not at them”  enough said.

4. Another thing that will kill your ability to effectively persuade people is poor grammar.  Let’s  say you have a very compelling peace written, but you have one or two grammatical errors.  Even to the untrained eye, it is very noticeable when grammar has been messed up.  In my opinion this is the most important thing in persuasive writing, actually, in writing in general.


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