Chapter 3 notes – Don’t Get In Trouble

For those of you that don’t have an over abundance of free time in your life, I have taken the liberty to four tips from each chapter from Dennis  Wilcox’s book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques.

Chapter 3

1. Libel= “… injury to reputation.  Words, pictures or cartoons that expose a person to public hatred, shame, disgrace or ridicule, or induce an ill opinion of a person are libelous.”

2. To my surprise I learned that not all materials have copyrights.  Sometimes, due to age, copyrights will actually be taken away.

3.Try not to end up like the guys in the picture…you can get in major trouble for… ”…disseminating information that a court or regulatory agency finds misleading, untrue, or damaging…”

4. Some potential areas that companies can get in trouble for when it comes to employee privacy.

  • Employee newsletters
  • Photo Releases
  • Product Publicity and Advertising
  • Media inquiries about employees
  • Employee blogs and virtual communities.

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