Topic of the Week -8- NewsU Lead Lab

Lead Lab

There are a lot of myths that come with writing leads.  Going through NewsU Lead Labs I learned a whole lot about what these myths are.  For example, Lead Lab discusses that “Leads must never begin with a quote.” However, this does not seem like a very common myth.  One of the more common myths is “A lead must always sum up the story in a paragraph.”  Lead Lab says its smart to leave your readers with suspense so they want to keep reading.  Giving everything away in the first paragraph is not smart.  Overall I learned some common myths that go along with writing leads for a feature.  It is good to demolish these ideas before I set my foundation upon them.

I was really surprised to see how easy it really was to begin to write your first feature.  It seems like a very intimidating task ahead but taking a look through the Lead Lab it gives great advice about writing one.  You basically need to know what the story is about, from there you what happened.  After getting that question answered, you need to find out who it happened to.  Now this is very important because failure to connect or bring relevant information to the right people could be fatal.

I would like to learn more about what the difference between a professionally written feature and an amateur feature story.  That is, what takes the story from good to great?  There has to be an element that takes the story to the next level.  I have always heard, “the devil is in the details.”  This meaning that there is one small ingredient that it takes to have an amazing feature story and I’d like to know what that is.


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