Topic of the Week – 9 – PR OpenMic

I just signed up for PR OpenMic and boy does it seem like a useful site.  The slogan sums up the purpose of the website better than I ever could, “Social Network for Students, Faculty and Practitioners.  Your Worldwide Network for Connections and Learning.”  This is a very simple yet brilliant idea to have come up with.  To really dumb it down, it is the facebook of the public relations world.  Immediately upon setting up my account I was welcomed with a greeting and a conformation email.  I went to there search bar and typed in my teachers name to add her as a friend and it took me straight to her profile, I know I’m not supposed to discuss this aspect of the site but I wanted to briefly mention to simplistic and user friendly the site was.

I could see this site being valuable to public relation students and recent graduates because it offers a hub for internships and job opening in the public relations field.  In todays economy it is so important to have something like that in order to find the connections you need to land a job.  I have quickly learned that in any business it is all about who you know.  Another huge plus to this site is the networking that can come out of it.  Not only does it have a whole any area devoted to jobs and what not but there are thousands of other profiles out there.  There are students our their, future bosses and teachers that are considered professionals in their fields.  There are forums on the site so that all the different profiles can connect with each other.

I think my favorite part about this site is the ability for users to post blogs on the home page.  This will show up on the front page as a long news feed.  This is really cool because it gives people the chance to share really valuable information with each other.  It also provides a student with a chance to write and have a lot of different people see it.  Cool site!


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