Chapter 9 notes – Radio and Television

For those of you that don’t have an over abundance of free time in your life, I have taken the liberty to provide four tips from each chapter from Dennis  Wilcox’s book, Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques

Chapter 9

1. Tips for successful radio and television story placement: Topicality, timeliness, localization, humanization, visual appeal.  In order for a story to succeed it really does need all of these different elements.  If it is lacking but one then the story could totally bomb.

2.RMT  or radio media tour.  This is where there is one person is conducting multiple interviews around the nation from only one location.

3.Talk shows are a great way to reach a mass amount of people and speak your mind.

2 Responses to “Chapter 9 notes – Radio and Television”
  1. ebluemling says:

    This is so true that as college students this time of year, we are short on time to get all our assignments or what not done. I cannot wait until Thanksgiving break and being able to unwind. Hopefully, I will get to catch up on some TV shows that I have not been able to see the rest of the season yet. The TV shows or radio programs that do get my attention follow the tip you mention about timeliness. If it is not relevant, then I am not going to waste my time listening to it. Such as, why are Christmas ads up before Halloween or even Thanksgiving?

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