PR Connect #3 – Social Networking, Time To Get With It

From Facebook to Myspace, there are ton of social networking sites out there.  They are such a bitter sweet thing as they can lead to crazy networking and potential jobs yet on the other hand they can be a tool used by not so good people to conduct not so good things.  Let take a further look at some of these sites and see which one are legitimate  and worth using and what ones serve what purpose.

Lets start with Twitter, one of the newer social networking sites that has exploded in popularity.  Twitter is a way to send a one way text to a mass amount of people or at least that is the way I tried to explain it to my dad.  It truly is a brilliant concept, being able to “follow” people and see what they are up to.  If they would like they can follow you back and keep up with you.  Now this is great in the public relations world because you can connect with people that you would have never been able to connect with before.

Next is social networking site is Facebook.  Now Facebook is better used for establishing and maintaining relationships with people.  You have the ability to upload pictures, update profile info, and write on other’s wall.  A great way to use this in terms of public relations is a thing called “fan pages.”  You can create these for you business and people can “like” your business and therefor anytime you update your info on your page, it is sent to there site.

Social networking is a key part to public relations.  If you are not on board, you need to be.  The connections you can make, the advice you can take, and the money you can rake (in) is there, so its time to get with it.

2 Responses to “PR Connect #3 – Social Networking, Time To Get With It”
  1. Chad says:

    Well Dave, I completely agree with you about needing to be on board with social networking as a Public Relations practitioner. Twitter seems to be getting utilized by Public Relations Practitioners more frequently than Facebook, but both are definitely being used heavily.

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