PR Connection 4 – John Krasinski

For those of you who do not know who John Krasinski is, prepare to meet on of the most clever and funny men on the era.  John Krasinski was made famous by playing Jim Halpert on The Office.  I wanted to do a small personality profile on him because I really like the way that he appears to the public.  You never hear about him doing anything bad, and he is great with words.  I like what he said in this interview with Time magazine.

2 Responses to “PR Connection 4 – John Krasinski”
  1. kewood10 says:

    Ha. I love the Office, it is such a great show and probably one of my favorite characters is Jim. Honestly I had no idea before this post that the actor’s name was John Krasinski. (Good to know.) I think that is impressive when actors don’t have a lot of bad publicity and they handle themselves well in public. It just shows that he is a professional and doesn’t need some publicity stunt to draw attention. John really seems talented and it’s good to know that he could probably succeed in a more serious role than that of Jim on the Office. I’m sure we’ll see more of him in the future.

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