PR connections 6 – They are finally here!!

Last week Apple, announced some very big news. This news was so big that they even shut down their site for a day or two to build some hype.  Finally they told everyone the big news, they were releasing The Beatles on Itunes.  Now this is a PR stunt if I have ever seen one.  There are some big bands that refuse to put their stuff up on itunes and this makes them that much more exclusive.  The Beatles could have released their stuff a while back but because they waited for so long, they built up huge hype and made a ton more money.

2 Responses to “PR connections 6 – They are finally here!!”
  1. octobern says:

    This is extremely exciting news! Ever since I was a little girl, I would love to just sit and listen to The Beatles. I guess you could say my mom’s taste in music rubbed off on me at a young age, but I am not complaining. I would agree with you and say that this is a huge PR stunt, because the longer people have to wait the more they want it. Did Apple really need to shut down their website? I am sure they saw this as being a great idea, and obviously it was.

  2. It’s awesome that this has finally arrived and most people, especially musicians, are stoked out of their minds. However, when I heard that Apple had something insane to announce, I thought it was going to be a life-changing innovation in technology or something. So in a way, it came as a great disappointment. Putting that behind, the fact that the Beatles are now available on iTunes is super duper! Such legendary artists, it’s so exciting. Excuse me as I go check it out some more. Wooo!

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