PR connections 9 – Photography and writing

I have noticed lately that photographers are trying to make money anyway they can.  I don’t blame them, the economy is terrible.  It is very interesting how they are raking in the dough.  I believe that this technique is somewhat based around public relations, however it takes someone that is well known in order to do this.

They are starting to share some of their secrets, with some things still guarded, to the public and they are writing books about it.  There are many aspiring photographers who will absolutely eat this stuff up.  They believe just because this successful person did it, that means I too will be successful.

One Response to “PR connections 9 – Photography and writing”
  1. Chad says:

    Hey Dave,

    Good pointers. This economy is pretty bad and the market for professional photography is becoming pretty thin due to the fact that everybody thinks they can just have their cousin fred take photos for free with his cheap consumer level DSLR and call it pro quality. People are losing sight of what real pro quality photography is, and it’s a shame.

    However, I do agree that this does open up opportun ity for budding photographers to embrace any advice or teachings they can from pro photographers’ (or what’s left of them) published works.

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