Topic of the Week -11- Tips For Networking

Networking.  Critical in order to be successful and achieve goals.  I had the chance to catch an interview Sandy Jones, who recently wrote a book on networking.  I found this podcast extremely helpful and would love to share it on my blog so that you guys can learn some of these great tips as well.  You can find the podcast here.

Sandy first starts off by addressing the awkwardness of beginning to network.  Being in college and a little bit younger, it can very intimidating trying to go to a function with the ultimate goal of networking.  By focusing on this you really lose the whole point of networking.  She encourages people to look at networking as a “community service.”   I think that this is everyone’s first mistake, they go into the situation looking to see what they can can get out of the connection they could potentially make.  If you go into the conversation trying to see who you can help, you will see great results.

Another key tip that Sandy gives is something so simple but really seems like a great tip.  When you arrive at the event you need to go out and find the sponsor or the host of the event.  You need to develop a connection with someone at the event that plays a key role.  They will be key to you being introduced to people that could really help you.  Sandy puts an emphasis on making the conversation about the other person.  This will put you in a great spot and people will be naturally attracted to you.

Sandy provides a great opener for people that are new to the networking world.  She recommends that you start off by asking what the other person is working on currently.  This puts them in a place where they can talk about whatever intrests them the most.


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