Topic of the Week -13- What drives you crazy?

What do PR people do that drive journalist crazy? 1. They do not provide enough information.  Too vague. (They need to be very specific when releasing info) 2.They give too much information.  Too vague. (They need to be very specific when releasing info) 3.They do not respect their time. (PR people need to understand journalist … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -12- Crisis Mode! What to do?

I decided to talk about steps in preparing for a communication crisis.  This seems to be something that not a lot of people plan for but can really bite them in the behind.  Let’s first define what a communication crisis is.  Thanks to wikipedia, I was able to find a solid definition that covers all … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -11- Tips For Networking

Networking.  Critical in order to be successful and achieve goals.  I had the chance to catch an interview Sandy Jones, who recently wrote a book on networking.  I found this podcast extremely helpful and would love to share it on my blog so that you guys can learn some of these great tips as well. … Continue reading

Topic of the Week – 10 – Martin Waxman Interview

What did you learn? I learned a lot about podcasting and useful it can really be.  For example, Martin has scheduled shows in which he covers pr and social networking.  He enjoys this because its like blogging but once you say something, its said.  Martin says that he is a rewriter and he will go … Continue reading

Topic of the Week – 9 – PR OpenMic

I just signed up for PR OpenMic and boy does it seem like a useful site.  The slogan sums up the purpose of the website better than I ever could, “Social Network for Students, Faculty and Practitioners.  Your Worldwide Network for Connections and Learning.”  This is a very simple yet brilliant idea to have come … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -8- NewsU Lead Lab

Lead Lab There are a lot of myths that come with writing leads.  Going through NewsU Lead Labs I learned a whole lot about what these myths are.  For example, Lead Lab discusses that “Leads must never begin with a quote.” However, this does not seem like a very common myth.  One of the more … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -7- One Week of Twitter

Twitter could potentially be one of the greatest social media available right now.  The idea behind it is simply brilliant, a one way, mass text message.  It gives people a chance to follow some of their favorite celebrities, friends to keep up with friends, parents to keep track of parents, or businesses to keep in … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -6- What’s Newsworthy?

What does make a story news worthy?  This was a great question that I had no idea how answer.  After sitting, contemplating, and discussing with others, I  was able to come up with some criteria, if you will, that a story needs in order to be newsworthy. I found a website that really gave me … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -5- Avoiding Plagiarism

Plagiarism.  Whether you do it on purpose or not, it is wrong.  With the help of a couple websites and books I have been able to view things a lot more clearly.  There seems to be a lot of grey areas when it comes to plagiarism, and these little bits of information makes things a … Continue reading

Topic of the Week -4- Cleaning Your Copy

Cleaning your copy course What did I learn? I learned I didn’t know the first thing about grammar.  This test  really opened my eyes as to how much I struggle with grammar.  As I went through the course I began to really learn a lot of cool things, things that are easy to correct but … Continue reading